Kucera: How I Met People

by Shaina

Shaina Loew

Symmetry or lack thereof: pupils, nipples: staring out from the black and white:

ink: these pimped

out grins in grimy rooms: these arrangements of cells: drifts of hair on planes of bald…heads… crotches…Czech

out that bush; define prolific…her eyes yell: “ta da!” Like the boy
in the ass-out pose—he’s dressed—

but captioned a prostitute—power
of suggestion: how imagination disrobes, sodomizes. The two remaining teeth

a guy bares like a snaggletooth pug; totem pole couple with waist-length breasts; two shirtless, whored cousins…all smiles…only one woman

chased the artist away with a broom…
he still got her.