Fancy Foot Sheaths

by Shaina

Shaina Loew (still duh)

I like how cropped
pants are regular pants
on me, and my printed socks
and I share a private joke on
our way to the job interview.  What disheartened
me was how hard it was to find
a pair of strange socks amidst the
neatly coupled black ones in my drawer.  All
those black pairs I can never find on work days.

I don’t even have to wear black socks to work
anymore.  But I do because it’s not a
rule, and in this circumstance my standard is
retaliation against chaos.  In culinary school,
I wore pink socks with squirrels on them in
retaliation against black socks.  My teacher
asked me to go change, so I went home and took
a nap.  At which point

does rebellion become contradiction.  All
the things against things.  The seed is
about integrity and keeping your head
on, but the sapling is bent
and the tree is perhaps not even a
tree.  Or when a blight comes you
refuse to die; who can say when the trait
will come to rescue.  If it backfires, at least everyone else
will remember your socks.