by Shaina

Narcissus drowned in himself; I
had been thinking of his ism as a
survival mechanism…
funny.  Either

delusion or loophole.

I dressed in all white to
restore order and I smoothed
sheets and looked in the mirror
again.  My face was

round from dehydration.  water : mirror :: handsome:
round.  This is the survival part: flaw/
ripple/ mirrors are harder to get in
your lungs.  Noticed

hanging boxers, ribs, goneness {
conditional narcissism = survival} or
it takes dedication to drown in a mirror.  In any
case, how
long…I should have

said “narcissism : drown :: introspect :
survive,” but that’s conjecture.  In any
case, the freezing of the lakes will be the judge
of that and keep us here with our
mirrors and pillowy
lungs.  One detail was

Narcissus didn’t have Instagram
followers or
care.  He was
enough. #river