Autobiography of a Skinless Mind: 4: Reptile

by Shaina

I dressed up as a starving hooker
for my grandfather’s funeral.  It was a cold day on the island
for September, so
while I waited to leave the house, I lay down
on a large rock in the sun. |I was a reptile|  We

threw ashes and lilies around the land
and water.  |They took their
hurt with a side of bundt cake|  Who is
the girl in the pink skirt on the rock?  The
one with the blue lips.  Is that a
dead hooker?  No, that is his

granddaughter.  I ran my fingers over
my tin ribcage and felt disappointed with the
tenacious beatings coming from within.  |Fickle
heart the heart is a fickle
whore|  The rock was spattered with
dried bird shit, I remember.  It didn’t
get on me, being dried and all.