Much in the Way the Sun Evades Me

by Shaina

The season suggests an opening of sky…maybe a month…maybe three…I look out in the black afternoon, these days, and think it won’t be much longer now…but then I think I’ve heard that before…in a dream, maybe in a mouth on my mouth, and I think the mistress of daylight is them…or even that when the daylight comes, it will be the night I miss…and I have considered going somewhere more even…like an elderly person…{realizing that maybe night is day’s restraints, tight ropes to hold us down…make us wait for our satisfaction?}…because, ever-skeptical, I have thought, and what if the sun leaves me tied up in moonlight and doesn’t come back?  Or, cynically, sadistically, that maybe it’s time for Sweden, where they become their abandonment.  But here, maybe, it won’t be too much longer now…or will it?  I look out at the grey and think, you and your non-answers, you and your waiting games.