Dinosaur Plaything 

by Shaina

If I could I would jet pack out the window and fly over the Hudson at the moment you know it’s nice out which makes me laugh when all I can do is lay here with a dog and my stomach that’s tired of eating and doubling as a pillow for the dog and my hair is wet on their couch but it’s just water not like the time my dad reminded me remember when you face planted onto our white silk couch with Carmex on when you were a kid and that makes me think about singing the song about milk or something to a room full of adults at my brother’s bris and they gave me The Goofy Movie even though it wasn’t my suffering which was nice and probably my first experience with blood money and that reminds me of how I need to go to work and then this song came on with heavy bass and the dog is scared now and that made me think of when my late dog used to bark at the Lion King theme song which made me think it must be the real call to the wild and that makes me laugh and think of how I like to say one day this will all be yours…everything the light touches but I only say it when it doesn’t apply and people think will it be mine everything the light touches and the funny part is that it could really be but we discount it for the sake of likelihood and functionality and that’s ok and humble because it would be too much to look back out this window and think it would all be mine or the dog’s because the light is touching everything at the moment and then also feeling like the only place I would really want to go would be the elephant graveyard because we aren’t supposed to and that might require the jet pack but that’s to be determined as we know.