The Process

Month: August, 2015

As If the Eyes Were Really There to Express Rather Than Just to Suggest, or Dare I Say it, be Delicious, Probably

The goal is to always come light out of body as in 3D or shadow, and that’s what I do, layer in, layer layer layer out out out: face-head up, eyes forward, as focus appears to pervade for about five minutes, but it’s more of a seeming focus, or an imitation of it, like when Bobby said how to put the peppers on the pizza.  Like You Had a Thought.  As if I had never had one.  As if…As if I had had a thought or you had or as if I had had a thought behind wide pupil-ed eyeballs…as if the eyes were really there to express rather than just to suggest or, dare I say it, be delicious, probably.  And that’s it, the dullness of exiting, how it feels nice, how it’s much like a bell, newfound voice, here’s my sound, and then the dumbness of clockwork and the doing.  Or less clock-ish and more mooring, like a wave had come, and I had bobbed, and you had listened but just fallen asleep to it, or I had, and all the while with the eyes, being like under the mooring bell, being lobster, being like dark eyes just black, all pupil, looking like I was prepared to exit the lobster trap but the reality was preparing to red in the pot, maybe just one more drink of the sea and tomorrow toll, swaying in the trap, as I do, thinking how at least I’d go with potatoes.  Potatoes, butter, and maybe one would forget a bib and wear me, my tomalley all over the shirt, chin hair, where the short meets the knee, ha//////////

Falling Asleep


Composite Situations 

Sometimes you try to have a glass of wine with your cat, but she ignores you.  And you draw, for better or worse.  


Claw Game



And when my brain comes up from sleep, first my ankles
yell at it, then at me, and we just sit around
our coffee table, frowning and furrowing at each other,
me, my ankles, and my brain, thinking of calling it off,
though usually brain and I side against ankles, and we think about
how it would be if we cut off our legs one day.  And

we think it’s probably a good idea.  Pros include

  1.  Increased proximity to pirate status
  2. Low probability of sensations in pegs, implying no rude ankle feelings
  3. Losing weight without changing anything else (weigh-ins not requiring prosthetics)

Cons include

  1.  Are stump legs less sexually attractive
  2. Sometimes we might miss ankles, general cuntiness aside, considering how easy it is to forget the bad in hindsight
  3. Jumping up to get things might usually end with falling down
  4. Will it be hard when we’re drunk, or is that something pirates can teach us to get good at

Brain believes that even though cons outnumber pros, that perhaps we need to assign each point a weight, considering some are more important than others.  So we’re still thinking about it.  But in the long run, we assume we will probably do it.  Legs were always fairly benign, but we don’t consider them a part of the actual team, because they’re boring, and we figure if we jettison the ankles, we will let them take the legs with them, and we will probably part somewhere above or maybe half way down the femur.  It would be for the best.  And we would drink tea in bed, and even if the covers were too short, pegs wouldn’t be cold, and we would be able to focus on the tasks at hand, such as drinking said tea, reading a book, or maybe making shoes for the false feet.  It would be really nice, actually.  In fact, the bit about not being cold could be another very important pro.

And bagels and life vests and also normal vests 

I’ve got like shell shock from it all, like I’m crumbly to it, and the stuff, I wouldn’t cry because normal, but then abnormal like fall or arrhythmia